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- Noun

A partisan or adherent of James the Second, after his abdication, or of his descendants, an opposer of the revolution in 1688 in favor of William and Mary.

- Noun

One of the sect of Syrian Monophysites. The sect is named after Jacob Baradaeus, its leader in the sixth century.

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  • Jacobite

    Jacobite means follower of Jacob or James. Jacobite may refer to:

  • Jacobite assassination plot 1696

    The Jacobite assassination plot 1696 was an unsuccessful attempt led by George Barclay to ambush and kill William III of England in early 1696.

  • Jacobite uprising in Cornwall of 1715

    The Jacobite uprising in Cornwall of 1715 was the last uprising against the British Crown to take place in the county of Cornwall.

  • James Talbot (Jacobite)

    James Talbot was an Irish Jacobite noted for his service in the Irish Army of James II during the War of the Two Kings (1689–91).

  • Syrian Jacobite Church

    Syrian Jacobite Church or Jacobite Syrian Church may refer to:

  • John Ashton (Jacobite)

    John Ashton (died 1691) was an English courtier and Jacobite conspirator.

  • The Jacobite (Steam Train)

  • Jacobite line of succession to the English and Scottish thrones in 1714

    The following is the Jacobite line of succession to the English and Scottish thrones as of the death of Anne, Queen of Great Britain, on 1 August 1714. It reflects the laws current in England and Scotland immediately before the Act of Settlement 1701, which disqualified Catholics from the throne.

  • Laurence Oliphant (Jacobite)

    Laurence Oliphant (1691–1767) was a Jacobite army officer who belonged to a branch settled at Findo Gask in Perthshire, Scotland. He took part in the Jacobite rising of 1715, and both he and his son Laurence (died 1792) were actively concerned in the rising of 1745, being present at the battles of Falkirk and Culloden. After the ruin of the Stuart cause the Oliphants escaped to France, but were afterwards allowed to return to Scotland. On 14 July 1760 he was created Lord Oliphant in the Jacobite peerage. Oliphant's descendants include Carolina, Baroness Nairne and from his sister are descended Laurence Oliphant the author, MP and diplomat and Thomas Oliphant, musician and author of "Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly".

  • James Porter (Jacobite)

    Colonel James Porter was an Irish politician and supporter of the Catholic King James II.

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