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- Noun

A partisan or adherent of James the Second, after his abdication, or of his descendants, an opposer of the revolution in 1688 in favor of William and Mary.

- Noun

One of the sect of Syrian Monophysites. The sect is named after Jacob Baradaeus, its leader in the sixth century.

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  • Jacobite

    Jacobite means follower of Jacob or James. Jacobite may refer to:

  • Jacobite risings

    The Jacobite risings, also known as the Jacobite rebellions or the War of the British Succession, were a series of uprisings, rebellions, and wars in Great Britain and Ireland occurring between 1688 and 1746. The uprisings had the aim of returning James II of England and VII of Scotland, the last Catholic British monarch, and later his descendants of the House of Stuart, to the throne of Great Britain after they had been deposed by Parliament during the Glorious Revolution. The series of conflicts takes its name Jacobitism, from Jacobus, the Latin form of James.

  • Manchester Regiment (Jacobite)

    Manchester Regiment (Jacobite)

    The Manchester Regiment was a Jacobite unit raised during the 1745 Rebellion and the only significant number of English recruits willing to fight for Charles Edward Stuart in his attempt to regain the British throne. Raised in late November 1745, the majority were captured in December at Carlisle; eleven officers and sixteen members of the rank and file were executed in 1746, over a quarter of all those executed for their role in the Rising.

  • Jacobite succession

    The Jacobite succession is the line through which the crown in pretence of England, Scotland and Ireland (France also claimed) has descended since the flight of James II & VII from London at the time of the "Glorious Revolution ". James and his Jacobite successors were traditionally toasted as "The King over the Water".

  • Jacobite Syrian Christian Church

    Jacobite Syrian Christian Church

    The Jacobite Syrian Christian Church also known as Malankara Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church is an Oriental Orthodox Church based in the Indian state of Kerala, and is an integral branch of the Syriac Orthodox Church. It recognizes the Syriac Orthodox Patriarch, currently Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II seated in the Cathedral of Saint George, Bab Tuma, Damascus, Syria, as its Supreme Head. It functions as a largely autonomous unit within the church, under the authority of the Catholicos of India, currently Baselios Thomas I. Its members are part of the Saint Thomas Christian community, which traces its origins to the evangelistic activity of Saint Thomas the Apostle in the 1st century followed by Syrian Migration from Ante-Nicene Period.

  • Jacobite assassination plot 1696

    The Jacobite assassination plot 1696 was an unsuccessful attempt led by George Barclay to ambush and kill William III of England in early 1696.

  • The Jacobite (steam train)

    The Jacobite is a steam locomotive-hauled tourist train service that operates over part of the West Highland Line in Scotland. It has been operating under various names and with different operators every summer since 1984. It has played an important role in sustaining a scenic route.

  • Jacobite uprising in Cornwall of 1715

    The Jacobite uprising in Cornwall of 1715 was the last uprising against the British Crown to take place in the county of Cornwall.

  • James Talbot (Jacobite)

    James Talbot was an Irish Jacobite noted for his service in the Irish Army of James II during the War of the Two Kings (1689–91).

  • Syrian Jacobite Church

    Syrian Jacobite Church or Jacobite Syrian Church may refer to:

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