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- Noun

A low servant; a mean fellow.

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  • Jacksdale


    Jacksdale is a small village in the local government district of Ashfield, part of the English county of Nottinghamshire. It was formerly a mining village. The population of the ward within the Ashfield Council was 3,158 as taken at the 2011 census. Lying close to the Derbyshire border, Jacksdale is the most westerly place within the county. Neighbouring villages include Selston, Brinsley, Pye Hill and Ironville. Jacksdale and Westwood are interlinking villages, although houses in Westwood are usually referred to as being newer, with 86 per cent of the housing in Jacksdale built before 1918.

  • Jacksdale, Nottinghamshire

  • Black-backed jackal

    Black-backed jackal

    The black-backed jackal (Canis mesomelas) is a canid native to two areas of Africa, separated by roughly 900 km.

  • Jackyl


    Jackyl is an American hard rock band formed in 1991. Their sound has also been described as heavy metal and Southern metal. Their eponymous debut album has sold more than a million copies in the United States with hit singles like "Down on Me" and "When Will it Rain". The band is best known for the song "The Lumberjack", which features a chainsaw solo by lead singer Jesse James Dupree.

  • Jackslacks

    American rockabilly musician Jackslacks (name adapted from the Sparkletones 1957 hit song "Black Slacks ") is originally from Valley Stream, Long Island, New York and currently resides in San Diego, California, United States. After a brief musical flirtation with both the accordion and guitar, Jackslacks started playing drums in high school, heavily influenced by swing era drummers Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich, 1950's rockers DJ Fontana and Jerry Allison, and British Invasion timekeepers Ringo Starr and Charlie Watts. Perhaps more than any of the above-mentioned, Jackslacks has tried to emulate Fontana, who explained his drumming style by saying (paraphrase), "I learned the value of simplicity (at the Hayride), that's why I always play what I feel. If that won't work, I just won't do it again. I think the simple approach comes from my hearing so much big band music. I mixed it with rockabilly."

  • Code Name: Jackal

    Code Name: Jackal

    Code Name: Jackal (Korean: 자칼이 온다; lit. "The Jackal Is Coming" or "Here Comes the Jackal") is a 2012 South Korean action comedy film, starring Song Ji-hyo, Kim Jae-joong of JYJ, and Oh Dal-su. The film was directed by Bae Hyoung-jun, whose works included Too Beautiful to Lie and Once Upon a Time . It was produced by Nomad Films and distributed by Lotte Entertainment. It was released on 15 November 2012 and ran for 105 minutes.

  • Jackal (disambiguation)

    The jackal is a small animal in the dog/wolf family of mammals.

  • Relentless (Jackyl album)

    Relentless (Jackyl album)

    Relentless is the fifth studio album from Jackyl. It is the first album to feature the new personnel line-up.

  • HMS Jackal (1911)

    HMS Jackal (1911)

    Jackal was an Acheron-class destroyer of the Royal Navy that served during the World War I and was sold for breaking in 1920. She was the seventh Royal Navy ship to be named Jackal, after the predatory mammal of the same name.

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