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- Noun

A drunken, dissolute fellow.

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  • Jackeen

    Jackeen is a pejorative term for someone from Dublin, Ireland. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as a "contemptuous designation for a self-assertive worthless fellow", citing the earliest documented use from the year 1840.

  • Garrett MacKeen

    Garrett MacKeen

    Garrett MacKeen (born March 23, 1994 in Burnaby) is a Canadian ice dancer. With former partner Mackenzie Bent, he is the 2014 Canadian junior champion and finished 5th at two World Junior Championships.

  • Henry Poole MacKeen

    Henry Poole MacKeen, CD QC (June 17, 1892 – April 20, 1971) was a Canadian lawyer and the 23rd Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia from 1963 to 1968.

  • Jacksen F. Tiago

    Jacksen Ferreira Tiago (born 28 May 1968) commonly known as Jacksen F. Tiago or JFT, is a Brazilian retired footballer, One of the most influential in Indonesian football history, he has a tremendous records for both as a player and as a manager. As a long-time resident of Indonesia, he is fluent in Indonesian and Javanese.

  • Jacksen Pierce

    Jacksen Baker Pierce (24 November 1894 – 23 May 1939) was an American author who wrote and published numerous newspaper articles and short stories in the San Francisco Bay Area from 1912 to 1930. In 1931, he left San Francisco in search of inspiration. In 1933, after traveling the United States for roughly two years, he bought a small house in Crescent City, California, near modern day Pelican Bay State Prison. On May 22, 1939, he and two other men took a small fishing vessel out to sea. The following morning Pierce, and one of the two crew-mates, was found dead on a nearby beach. The circumstances and cause of Pierce's death remains a mystery.

  • David MacKeen

    David MacKeen

    David MacKeen (September 20, 1839 – November 13, 1916) was a Canadian surveyor, mine manager, politician, and the 11th Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia.

  • Pavee Lackeen (film)

  • MacKeen, David

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