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- Noun

The common marmoset (Hapale vulgaris). Formerly, the name was also applied to other species of the same genus.

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  • Exoprosopa jacchus

    Exoprosopa jacchus

    Exoprosopa jacchus is a species of 'bee flies' belonging to the family Bombyliidae subfamily Anthracinae.

  • Callithrix (Callithrix) jacchus

  • Sergius and Bacchus

    Sergius and Bacchus

    Saints Sergius (or Serge) and Bacchus were fourth-century Roman Christian soldiers revered as martyrs and military saints by the Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Churches. Their feast day is 7 October.

  • Temple of Bacchus

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    The Temple of Bacchus is part of the Baalbek temple complex located in the broad Al-biqā (Bekaa Valley), Lebanon. The temple complex is considered an outstanding archaeological and artistic site of Imperial Roman Architecture and was inscribed as an UNESCO World Heritage site in 1984. The Temple of Bacchus is one of the best preserved and grandest Roman temple ruins; its age is unknown, but its fine ornamentation can be dated to the second century CE.

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    The National Association of Student Personnel Administrators is a U.S.-based student affairs organization boasting more than 13,000 members at 1,400 campuses, and 25 countries. Founded in 1919 at the University of Wisconsin, NASPA is one of many organizations focused on graduate enrollment management.

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    Pristimantis bacchus is a species of frogs in the family Craugastoridae. It is endemic to the western slopes of the Cordillera Oriental in the Santander Department, Colombia. In a loose reference to its blood-red eyes, this species is named for the Roman God of Wine. Common name wine robber frog has been coined for it.

  • Young Sick Bacchus

    Young Sick Bacchus

    The Young Sick Bacchus (Italian: Bacchino Malato), also known as the Sick Bacchus or the Self-Portrait as Bacchus, is an early self-portrait by the Baroque artist Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, dated between 1593 and 1594. It now hangs in the Galleria Borghese in Rome. According to Caravaggio's first biographer, Giovanni Baglione, it was a cabinet piece painted by the artist using a mirror.

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