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- Noun

One of several large wading birds of the genera Mycteria and Xenorhynchus, allied to the storks in form and habits.

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  • Jabiru


    The jabiru (/ˌdʒæbɪˈruː/ or /ˈdʒæbɪruː/; Latin: Jabiru mycteria) is a large stork found in the Americas from Mexico to Argentina, except west of the Andes. It sometimes wanders into the United States, usually in Texas, but has been reported as far north as Mississippi. It is most common in the Pantanal region of Brazil and the Eastern Chaco region of Paraguay. It is the only member of the genus Jabiru. The name comes from a Tupi–Guaraní language and means "swollen neck".

  • Jabiru 3300

    Jabiru 3300

    The Jabiru 3300 is a lightweight four-stroke, horizontally opposed "flat-six" air-cooled aircraft engine produced by Jabiru Aircraft. The engines are direct drive and fitted with alternators, silencers, vacuum pump drives and dual ignition systems as standard. The engine is used to power homebuilt and ultralight aircraft.

  • Jabiru Aircraft

    Jabiru Aircraft

    Jabiru Aircraft Pty Ltd is an Australian aircraft manufacturer that produces a range of kit- and ready-built civil light aircraft in Bundaberg, Queensland. The company also designs and manufactures a range of light aircraft engines. Types include microlights (Ultralight or ULM), including the Calypso, two-seat trainers (J/120/J160/ J170/j230) and four-seat aircraft (J400/ J430/J450).

  • Jabiru Airport

    Jabiru Airport (IATA: JAB, ICAO: YJAB) is an airport located 1.5 nautical miles (2.8 km; 1.7 mi) northwest of Ranger Uranium Mine and east of Jabiru in the Northern Territory of Australia. Situated within the Kakadu National Park it consists of one runway and five parking spaces for light aircraft such as Cessna 152s. Charter flight operators include AAA Charter, Kakadu Air and North Australian Helicopters.

  • Jabiru J250

    Jabiru J250

    The Jabiru J250 is one model in a large family of two and four seat Australian light aircraft developed as touring aircraft and provided in kit form by Jabiru Aircraft. The aircraft was also assembled and sold in the US by Jabiru USA as a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA).

  • Jabiru (disambiguation)

    Jabiru is a species of stork, Jabiru mycteria, found in the Americas. The term may also refer to:

  • Jabiru toadlet

    The Jabiru toadlet (Uperoleia arenicola) is a species of frog in the family Myobatrachidae. It is endemic to Australia. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical dry lowland grassland and intermittent rivers.

  • Emu and the Jabiru

    Emu and the Jabiru is an Australian Aboriginal myth. The myth tells a story of greed between two brothers-in-law, who through their fighting transformed into the first emu and jabiru.

  • Jabiru (genus)

  • Jabiru, australia

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