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The doctrines of the Gymnosophists.

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  • Gymnosophy

    Gymnosophy (from Greek γυμνός gymnós "naked" and σοφία sophía "wisdom") was a movement and a philosophy practiced in Europe and the USA from the end of the 19th century to the mid 20th century. The practice involved nudity, asceticism, and meditation.

  • Metachanda gymnosopha

    Metachanda gymnosopha is a moth in the Metachandidae family described by Meyrick in 1930.

  • American Gymnosophical Association

    The American Gymnosophical Association (AGA) was organized circa 1930 by Herman and Katherine Soshinski. It was one of 3 spin-off groups from the League for Physical Culture that had been organized by Kurt Barthel in 1929. Dr. Maurice Parmelee, Professor of Sociology, City College of New York was its honorary President.

  • Gymnosophistis

    Gymnosophistis is a genus of moths in the family Sesiidae.

  • Antaeotricha gymnolopha

    Antaeotricha gymnolopha is a moth in the family Depressariidae. It was described by Edward Meyrick in 1925. It is found in Brazil.

  • Gymnosophists

    Gymnosophists (Ancient Greek γυμνοσοφισταί, gumnosophistaí, i.e. "naked philosophers" or "naked wise men") is the name given by the Greeks to certain ancient Indian philosophers who pursued asceticism to the point of regarding food and clothing as detrimental to purity of thought. They were noted to have been vegetarian by several Greek authors. There were also gymnosophists in upper Egypt who were called Ethiopean Gymnosophists by Apollonius of Tyana.

  • Gymnosiphon trinitatis

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