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- Noun

The reward given to a guide for services.

- Noun

Guidance; lead; direction.

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  • Shoqata e Guidave dhe Scoutëve në Shqipëri

  • Shoqata e Guidave dhe Skoutëve në Shqipëri

    Shoqata e Guidave dhe Skoutëve në Shqipëri

    Shoqata e Guidave dhe Skoutëve në Shqipëri (ShGSSh, Association of Guides and Scouts in Albania) is one of Albania's Scouting and Guiding organizations. The coeducational organization was founded in 1998 and recognised by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts as a country working towards membership. The association served about 350 members in 2006.

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    Bartholomew "Bart" F. Guida (1914–1978) was a Democrat who was Mayor of New Haven for three terms from 1970 to 1975, succeeding Richard C. Lee. During his time as mayor, the city became overwhelmingly Democrat-controlled. He reversed Lee's policy of urban renewal, and opposed Yale University on several issues, opposing President Kingman Brewster over the construction of two new residential colleges.

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    Guida is a surname that may refer to:

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