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- Verb

An annual composite plant (Senecio vulgaris), one of the most common and widely distributed weeds on the globe.

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  • Baccharis halimifolia

    Baccharis halimifolia is a North American species of shrubs in the daisy family. It is native to Nova Scotia, the eastern and southern United States (from Massachusetts south to Florida and west to Texas and Oklahoma), eastern Mexico (Nuevo León, San Luis Potosí, Tamaulipas, Veracruz, Quintana Roo), the Bahamas, and Cuba.

  • Groundsel

    of Dendrosenecio, the giant groundsels * Members of Packera, a segregate of Senecio * Golden groundsel

  • Senecio pinnatifolius

    Senecio pinnatifolius is a species of herb native to Australia. Common names include coast groundsel, dune groundsel and variable groundsel.

  • Alpine groundsel

    Alpine groundsel may refer to: * Packera pauciflora, a plant species from North America * Senecio pectinatus, a plant species from Australia

  • Senecio sylvaticus

    as the woodland ragwort, heath groundsel, or mountain common groundsel. It is native to Eurasia

  • Senecio viscosus

    Senecio viscosus is a herbaceous annual plant of the genus Senecio. It is known as the sticky ragwort, sticky groundsel or stinking groundsel.

  • Senecio flaccidus

    groundsel, bush senecio, creek senecio, shrubby butterweed, comb butterweed, smooth threadleaf ragwort

  • Senecio elegans

    redpurple ragwort, purple groundsel, wild cineraria and purple ragwort.

  • Senecio glossanthus

    Senecio glossanthus is an annual herb native to Australia. In Western Australia it is commonly known as slender groundsel.

  • Senecio cambrensis

    Senecio cambrensis (Welsh groundsel or Welsh ragwort) is a flowering plant of the family Asteraceae

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