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- Noun

A pasture; growing grass.

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  • Grazing occultation

    A lunar occultation occurs when the Moon, moving along its orbital path, passes in front of a star or other celestial object, as seen by an observer (normally on the Earth). Light from the occulted object is blocked by the moon and a perceptible shadow of the moon is cast onto the ground if that ground is in night-time (facing away from the sun). The moon's shadow moves west-to-east due to the orbit of the moon and the rotation of the earth, as shown on the image at left.

  • Still Grazing

    Still Grazing

    Still Grazing: The Musical Journey of Hugh Masekela is an autobiography book by South African trumpeter Hugh Masekela. It was released on May 11, 2004 by Crown Archetype. The book was written together with D. Michael Cheers. In this book, Masekela tells a story of his forty-year career in the world of African jazz and his travels from South Africa to New York, then to Jamaica, and then back to his homeland. The book is complemented by the album of the same name.

  • Conservation of Private Grazing Lands

    Conservation of Private Grazing Lands — Enacted in the 1996 farm bill (P.L. 104-127) and most recently amended by the 2002 farm bill (P.L. 107-171, Sec. 2502), this program provides coordinated technical, educational, and related assistance to preserve and enhance privately owned grazing lands. It authorizes the creation of two grazing management demonstration districts. Appropriations are authorized at $60 million annually from discretionary funds for FY2002 through FY2007.

  • Grazing Dreams

    Grazing Dreams

    Grazing Dreams is the second album by American sitarist and composer Collin Walcott recorded in 1977 and released on the ECM label.

  • Haying and grazing rules

    In United States agricultural policy, the haying and grazing rules dictate that in response to natural disaster conditions (usually a drought), Conservation Reserve Program land can be used for haying and grazing, but only after the Secretary approves it for the entire county. CRP participants who then choose to hay or graze receive reduced financial payments, reflecting the decreased environmental benefits being provided on enrolled lands.

  • Still Grazing (Hugh Masekela album)

    Still Grazing (Hugh Masekela album)

    Still Grazing is a 2004 compilation album by South African jazz trumpeter Hugh Masekela. The album is a retrospective collection of his compositions recorded over the period 1966–1974. The album is the soundtrack to Masekela’s recent autobiography of the same name.

  • Grazing preference

    In United States agricultural policy, a grazing preference is the status of qualified holders of grazing permits acquired by grant, prior use, or purchase, that entitles them to special consideration over applicants who have not acquired preference.

  • Kinyata Grazing Area

    Kinyata Grazing Area is a settlement in Kenya's Eastern Province.

  • Fly grazing

    Fly grazing is the grazing of animals, such as horses, on land without the permission of the landowner. This activity is being controlled in England by the Control of Horses Act (2015).

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