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- Noun

The granddaughter of one's brother or sister.

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  • Dryosaurus grandis

    Dryosaurusgrandis is a dubious species of ornithomimosaur dinosaur known from remains found in the Arundel Formation of Maryland.

  • Elliot Grandin

    Elliot Grandin (born 17 October 1987) is a French football winger, currently playing for Fréjus Saint-Raphaël.

  • Crossodactylus grandis

    Crossodactylus grandis is a species of frog in the Hylodidae family. It is endemic to Brazil. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical high-altitude grassland and rivers. It is threatened by habitat loss.

  • Oxalis grandis

    Oxalis grandis, the great yellow woodsorrel, is an annual plant and herb in the woodsorrel family. It is native to the eastern United States from Georgia north to Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, west as far as Louisiana. It blooms from May to June with yellow flowers.

  • Oldenburgia grandis

    Oldenburgia grandis

    Oldenburgia grandis is a shrub or small, gnarled tree in the family Asteraceae. It occurs in the mountains around Grahamstown in South Africa. It grows to a height of about 5m on sandstone outcrops. It has thick corky bark and large leaves clustered at the ends of branches. The leaves are dark green and leathery, reminiscent of loquat leaves, but generally a good deal larger. The emergent leaves are densely and completely felted with white hair. Most of the felt is lost as the leaf matures, but some persists on under-surfaces. Flowers are purple and in large heads about 12 cm in diameter. The flowerheads are solitary and terminal. It is threatened by habitat loss.

  • Hellinsia grandis

    Hellinsia grandis

    Hellinsia grandis, the coyote brush borer plume moth, is a moth of the family Pterophoridae that is found in North America (including California ), Mexico and Guatemala.

  • Acropora grandis

    Acropora grandis

    Acropora grandis is a species of colonial stony coral. It is a large species with multiple branches forming a bush-like structure and is found on reefs and in lagoons. It is native to the tropical western Indo-Pacific and has a range extending from East Africa to the east coast of Australia.

  • Pleurobranchus grandis

    Pleurobranchus grandis

    Pleurobranchus grandis is a species of sidegill slug, a marine gastropod mollusc in the family Pleurobranchidae. Also known as Cuban dancer.

  • Jocelyn de Grandis

    Jocelyn de Grandis (born 23 November 1980 in Besançon) is a French archer.

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