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- Noun

The use of lofty words or phrases; bombast; -- usually in a bad sense.

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  • Grandiloquence

    Grandiloquence is lofty, pompous, or extravagant language.

  • Verbosity

    , grandiloquence, garrulousness, expatiation, logorrhea, and sesquipedalianism.

  • Angelos Sikelianos

    and Asklepius. Although occasionally his grandiloquence blunts the poetic effect of his work, some

  • Carlo Leoni (historian)

    for the medieval) were characterised more by prosopography and grandiloquence than by historical precision.

  • José Santos Chocano

    of the most important Spanish-American poets, his poetry of grandiloquent tone was very sonorous

  • Aphrica

    to agree. According to tip, a Berlin-based magazine, "(...) due to their grandiloquent dimwittedness, the lyrics provoke only tormented laughter." (June 1984)

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