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- Noun

One who grasps or seizes; one who catches or holds.

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  • Muscat (grape)

    Muscat (grape)

    The Muscat family of grapes includes over 200 grape varieties belonging to the Vitis vinifera species that have been used in wine production and as raisin and table grapes around the globe for many centuries. Their colors range from white (such as Muscat Ottonel ), to yellow (Moscato Giallo ), to pink (Moscato rosa del Trentino) to near black (Muscat Hamburg ). Muscat grapes and wines almost always have a pronounced sweet floral aroma. The breadth and number of varieties of Muscat suggest that it is perhaps the oldest domesticated grape variety, and there are theories that most families within the Vitis vinifera grape variety are descended from the Muscat variety.

  • Rolf Graae

    Rolf Saenger Graae (29 September 1916, Copenhagen – 16 September 1996, Hellerup) was a Danish architect who is remembered for the churches and religious works he completed or restored in the style of the Klint school. He is also considered to be Denmark's most important 20th century organ designer.

  • Rondo (grape)

    Rondo (grape)

    Rondo is a dark-skinned grape variety, used for making red wine. It is a hybrid grape or inter-specific crossing. It was created in 1964 by Professor Vilém Kraus in then-Czechoslovakia by crossing the varieties Zarya Severa (a hybrid which has Vitis amurensis in its pedigree ) and St. Laurent. He offered it to Dr. Helmut Becker (1927-1990) of the Geisenheim Grape Breeding Institute who conducted further work on it, which explains why the grape is known under a Geisenheim designation. The variety has been protected since 1997, when it was first planted commercially by Thomas Walk Vineyard in Ireland under the name Amurensis Walk; it was named Rondo in 1999.

  • Marquette (grape)

    Marquette (grape)

    Marquette is an inter-specific hybrid red wine grape variety. It was developed at the University of Minnesota, and is a cross between two other hybrids, MN 1094 and Ravat 262. Marquette was introduced in 2006.

  • Apple & Grape Harvest Festival

    The Apple & Grape Harvest Festival is a biennial festival held in Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia, on the first weekend of March. It is one of Queensland's longest-running festivals.

  • Grape festival

    Grape festivals are celebrated as a tradition in various parts of the world. Many double as harvest festivals and celebrate wine making and other foods and beverages made from grapes.

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  • Canadice (grape)

    Canadice is a cultivar of seedless red grape with a bit of a spicy flavor. It is a late season cultivar ripening about mid-September into October and is hardy up to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. It is used as a table grape and is described as productive with a flavor similar to Delaware grapes. Also, these grapes come in large, cylindrical and somewhat compact clusters and are medium in individual size. Negative attributes of this particular grape are that it is highly susceptible or sensitive to black rot as well as moderately susceptible or sensitive to downy mildew and Botrytis . It is also slightly susceptible or sensitive to powdery mildew. However, tests have shown that Canadice grapes will maintain a high quality for up to four months in storage with high post-harvest sulfur dioxide fumigation.

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