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- Noun

An artisan who manufactures vessels and ornaments, etc., of gold.

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  • Goldsmith

    A goldsmith is a metalworker who specializes in working with gold and other precious metals. Historically, goldsmiths also have made silverware, platters, goblets, decorative and serviceable utensils, ceremonial or religious items, and rarely using Kintsugi, but the rising prices of precious metals have curtailed the making of such items to a large degree.

  • Olivia Goldsmith

    Olivia Goldsmith (January 1, 1949 – January 15, 2004) was an American author, best known for her first novel The First Wives Club (1992), which was adapted into the movie The First Wives Club (1996).

  • Darryl Goldsmith

    Darryl Goldsmith

    Darryl Goldsmith (raised in Detroit) is an American student and football player.

  • David Goldsmith

    David Goldsmith may refer to:

  • Xavier Goldsmith

    Xavier Goldsmith

    Xavier Goldsmith (raised in Detroit) is an American student and football player.

  • Jo-ann Goldsmith

    Jo-ann Goldsmith is a trumpet player in the Canadian indie-rock band Broken Social Scene. Although a social worker by training, she played shows with the band in their early years. She is the ex-wife of de facto bandleader Kevin Drew.

  • Claire Goldsmith

    Claire Goldsmith

    Oliver Goldsmith is a British eyewear design company established in London in 1926 by Phillip Oliver Goldsmith. Under the directorship of his son Charles "Oliver" Goldsmith, grandsons Andrew Oliver and Raymond, and great-granddaughter Claire Goldsmith, the brand became known worldwide for its innovative designs for glasses and sunglasses worn by celebrities such as Diana Dors and Audrey Hepburn. Hepburn's famous sunglasses in Breakfast at Tiffany's were a Oliver Goldsmith design. The sunglasses side of the brand ceased producing in 1985 but was re-launched in 2005 after a 20 year hiatus. The spectacle side has remained in production throughout, without interruption.

  • Goldsmith Channel

    Goldsmith Channel is a waterway in the Canadian territory of Nunavut connecting Parry Channel and M'Clintock Channel. Broadest in the northwest, the island-filled channel narrows as it progresses to the southeast where it separates northeastern Victoria Island's Storkerson Peninsula from western Stefansson Island by a few hundred meters of shallow water. This is an uninhabited, extremely remote area. Elvira Island is located at the head of the channel.

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