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- Noun

A white tropical tern (Cygis candida).

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  • French brick-aviso Goeland (1787)

  • Air Est Goeland

    The Air Est Goeland (English: Gull), sometimes called the Clavé Goéland, after the designer, is a French parasol-wing, T-tailed, single-seat motor glider that was designed by Robert Clavé and produced by Air Est Services of Marly, Moselle in kit form for amateur construction.

  • French brick-aviso Goéland (1787)

    French brick-aviso Goéland (1787)

    Goéland was the name ship of a two-vessel class of "brick-avisos" (advice brigs), built to a design by Raymond-Antoine Haran and launched in 1787. She served the French Navy for several years carrying dispatches until in 1793 HMS Penelope and HMS Proserpine captured her off Jérémie. The Royal Navy took her into service briefly as Goelan and sold her in 1794. As the merchant brig Brothers she appears to have sailed as a whaling ship in the South Seas Whale Fisheries until 1808 or so, and then traded between London and the Brazils. She is no longer listed after 1815.

  • Clavé Goéland

  • CCGS Goéland

    CCGS Goéland

    CCGS Goéland is a training vessel of the Canadian Coast Guard and located at the Canadian Coast Guard College in Westmount, Nova Scotia. The ship is based on the 44-foot motor lifeboat, a converted self-righting lifeboat and similar to the Waveney class lifeboat.

  • Caudron C.440 Goéland

    Caudron C.440 Goéland

    The Caudron C.440 Goéland ("seagull") was a six-seat twin-engine utility aircraft developed in France in the mid-1930s.

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