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- Noun

Boast; a triumphing.

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  • Wisconsin glaciation

    The Wisconsin Glacial Episode, also called the Wisconsin glaciation, was the most recent glacial

  • Weichselian glaciation

    Weichselian glaciationrefers to the last glacial period and its associated glaciation in northern

  • Würm glaciation

    The Würm glaciation or Würm stage (German: Würm-Kaltzeit or Würm-Glazial, colloquially often also

  • Saale glaciation

    The Saale glaciation or Saale Glaciation, sometimes referred to as the Saalian glaciation, Saale

  • Last Glacial Period

    of a larger pattern of glacial and interglacial periods known as the Quaternary glaciation extending

  • Quaternary glaciation

    The Quaternary glaciation, also known as the Pleistocene glaciation, is an alternating series

  • Huronian glaciation

    The Huronian glaciation (or Makganyene glaciation) was a glaciation that extended from 2.4 billion

  • Riss glaciation

    The Riss glaciation, Riss Glaciation, Riss ice age, Riss Ice Age, Riss glacial or Riss Glacial

  • Gunz (geology)

    Gunz, Günz or Gunz Complex is a timespan in the glacial history of the Alps. It started approximately one million years ago and ended about 370 000 years ago. Some sources put the end at 480 000 years ago. Deep sea core samples have identified approximately 5 glacial cycles of varying intensity during Gunz.

  • Llanquihue glaciation

    The last glacial period and its associated glaciation is known in southern Chile as the Llanquihue

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