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- Noun

An immense field or stream of ice, formed in the region of perpetual snow, and moving slowly down a mountain slope or valley, as in the Alps, or over an extended area, as in Greenland.

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  • Glacier, British Columbia

    Glacier is a railway whistlestop and locality near the summit of the Rogers Pass in Glacier National Park in British Columbia, Canada. Just east of the still-existing Canadian Pacific Railway station building at Glacier (and just inside the western portal of the Connaught Tunnel completed in 1916) is the current summit of the railway. There are a hotel, restaurant and service station nearby at the summit of the Trans Canada highway, just east of Glacier. There are no permanent residents.

  • Frachat Glacier

    Frachat Glacier (69°08′00″S 70°58′00″W ) is a glacier flowing southwest from the Rouen Mountains into the Russian Gap on north Alexander Island. In association with other French Antarctic Expedition names in the area, it was named by the UK Antarctic Place-names Committee in 1980 after M. Frachat, the motor engineer on Pourquoi Pas? on the French Antarctic Expedition, 1908–10, one of the first expeditions to take motorized transport to Antarctica.

  • Columbia Glacier (Washington)

    Columbia Glacier (Washington)

  • Angel Glacier

    Angel Glacier

    The Angel Glacier flows down the north face of Mount Edith Cavell in Jasper National Park, Canada. It is named as such because it has the appearance of an angel with out-swept wings. It was much larger when it was named in the 19th-century, but as with most glaciers worldwide, it is melting rapidly. It is not expected to maintain its distinctive appearance for much longer, and will eventually disappear from the face of Mount Edith Cavell.

  • Jerry Glacier

    Jerry Glacier

    Jerry Glacier is in Wenatchee National Forest in the U.S. state of Washington, on the north slope of Crater Mountain. Descending from 7,400 to 6,900 ft (2,300 to 2,100 m), Jerry Glacier has retreated, leaving a proglacial lake at its eastern flank.

  • Emmons Glacier

    Emmons Glacier

    Emmons Glacier is on the northeast flank of Mount Rainier, in Washington. At 4.3 sq mi (11 km2), it has the largest surface area of any glacier in the contiguous United States. The glacier was named after the geologist Samuel Franklin Emmons after his involvement in a survey of Mount Rainier in 1870.

  • Zinal Glacier

    Zinal Glacier

    The Zinal Glacier (French: Glacier de Zinal) is a 7 km (4.3 mi) long glacier (2005) situated in the Pennine Alps in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. In 1973 it had an area of 15.4 km2 (5.9 sq mi). The glacier gives birth to the river La Navisence, which runs through a cave.

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