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- Verb i.

Rapid and inarticulate talk; unintelligible language; unmeaning words; jargon.

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  • Gibberish

    Gibberish, alternatively jibber, jabber, jibber-jabber, or gobbledygook, is speech that is (or appears to be) nonsense. It may include speech sounds that are not actual words, or language games and specialized jargon that seems nonsensical to outsiders.

  • Gibberish (song)

    "Gibberish" is a song by American singer MAX. The song was released as a single on March 23, 2015. It features the vocals of Hoodie Allen. The music video was released the same day and as of October 2017 has over 20 million views on YouTube. The song was featured on the dance game, Just Dance 2016 .

  • Gibberish (language game)

    Gibberish (sometimes Jibberish) is a language game that is played in the United States and Canada. Similar games are played in many other countries. The name Gibberish refers to the nonsensical sound of words spoken according to the rules of this game.

  • Gibberichthys


    The Gibberichthyidae, also known as gibberfishes, are a small family of deep sea stephanoberyciform fish, containing a single genus, Gibberichthys (from the Latin gibba, "humpbacked" and the Greek ichthys, "fish"), and two species. Found in the tropical western Atlantic, western Indian, and western and southwestern Pacific Oceans at depths of about 400-1,000 m, gibberfishes are of no economic importance. The maximum recorded size for either species is 12 cm standard length.

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