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- Noun

A kind of small, prickly cucumber, much used for pickles.

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  • 30 St Mary Axe

    30 St Mary Axe (known previously as the Swiss Re Building), informally known as The Gherkin

  • Cucumis anguria

    Cucumis anguria, commonly known as cackrey, maroon cucumber, West Indian gherkin, and West Indian

  • Cucumber (software)

    to the Cucumber BDD approach is its ordinary language parser called Gherkin. It allows expected software behaviors

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    David Richmond Gergen (born May 9, 1942) is an American political commentator and former presidential adviser who served during the administrations of Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton. He is currently a senior political analyst for CNN and a professor of public service and the founding director of the Center for Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School. Gergen is also the former editor at large of U.S. News and World Report and a contributor to and Parade Magazine. He has twice been a member of election coverage teams that won Peabody awards—in 1988 with MacNeil–Lehrer, and in 2008 with CNN.

  • Pickled cucumber

    A pickled cucumber (commonly known as a pickle in the United States and Canada, and a gherkin

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    Dendrobium cucumerinum, commonly known as the cucumber orchid or gherkin orchid, is a species

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    mouse melon, Mexican sour gherkin, cucamelon, Mexican miniature watermelon, Mexican sour cucumber

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    Pawsonia saxicola, the sea gherkin, is a species of sea cucumber in the family Cucumariidae

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