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- Noun

One who gets, gains, obtains, acquires, begets, or procreates.

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  • Getter

    A getter is a deposit of reactive material that is placed inside a vacuum system, for the purpose of completing and maintaining the vacuum. When gas molecules strike the getter material, they combine with it chemically or by absorption. Thus the getter removes small amounts of gas from the evacuated space.

  • Getter Love!!: Cho Renai Party Game Tanjo

  • List of Getter Robo characters

    The following is a list of characters from the anime and manga series Getter Robo.

  • Apocrypha Getter Robot Dash

    Apocrypha Getter Robot Dash

    Apocrypha Getter Robot Dash (偽書ゲッターロボDASH, Gishō Gettā Robo Dash) is a Japanese manga created by Hideaki Nishikawa based on Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa classic Getter Robo series. It was initially serialized monthly in Kodansha's Magazine Z . As the title suggests, the story takes place in an alternate universe, where the concepts of the Getter series are seen under the perspective of Nishikawa. When Magazine Z ceased publication in early 2009 the story was moved to Hakusensha's monthly magazine Young Animal Arashi , starting in the July 2009 issue, with the title changed to Apocrypha Getter Robo Darkness . The chapters were renumbered at this time, with chapter 0 in Arashi being a reprint of chapter 6 in Magazine Z, the last chapter published there.

  • Great Mazinger vs. Getter Robo

    Great Mazinger vs. Getter Robo

    Great Mazinger vs. Getter Robo (グレートマジンガー対ゲッターロボ, Gurēto Majingā tai Gettā Robo) is an animated short film produced by Toei based in the works of Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa. The film premiered originally in March 21, 1975 (1975-03-21) in Japan. It is a crossover between the super robot anime Great Mazinger and Getter Robo , similar to the previous crossover film Mazinger Z vs. Devilman . The events presented in the film are not considered canon to either of the two series.

  • Lisa Getter

    Lisa Getter is an American investigative journalist. She won the 1995 Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting, with Lizette Alvarez. Her coverage of Hurricane Andrew contributed to the 1993 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service received by The Miami Herald , and she shared the 1999 Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting, helping overturn the mayoral election for fraud. While at the Herald she was also a Pulitzer finalist for General News Reporting in 1989 and for Investigative Reporting in 1998.

  • Getter Laar

    Getter Laar (born 21 November 1989) is an Estonian footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for French club FC Metz and the Estonia national team.

  • Getter Love!!: Chō Renai Party Game Tanjō

    Getter Love!!: Chō Renai Party Game Tanjō

    Getter Love!!: Chō Renai Party Game Tanjō (ゲッターラブ!! ちょー恋愛パーティゲーム誕生, Gettārabu!!: chō ren'ai pātigēmu tanjō) is a party game for the Nintendo 64 which could be considered a bishōjo game. It was released only in Japan in 1998.

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