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- Noun

One who traces genealogies or the descent of persons or families.

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  • Genealogy

    , family history, and the tracing of their lineages. Genealogists use oral interviews, historical

  • The American Genealogist

    The American Genealogist is a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal which focuses on genealogy

  • The Master Genealogist

    The Master Genealogist (TMG) was genealogy software for Microsoft Windows first released in 1993

  • Charles Mosley (genealogist)

    Charles Gordon Mosley FRSA (14 September 1948 – 5 November 2013) was a British genealogist who

  • John Anderson (genealogist, 1789–1832)

    John Anderson (6 June 1789 – 24 December 1832) was a Scottish surgeon and genealogist, of Hamilton

  • Miriam Weiner (genealogist)

    Miriam Weiner () is an American genealogist, author, and lecturer who specializes in the research

  • Simplicien Lucas

    French genealogist and a friar of the Order of Discalced Augustinians at the priory of the Order

  • Patric Dickinson (genealogist)

    . A respected genealogist, he has worked at the College of Arms in London since 1968.

  • Sir Robert Douglas, 6th Baronet

    Sir Robert Douglas of Glenbervie, 6th Baronet (1694 – 24 April 1770) was a notable genealogist

  • Genetic genealogy

    Genetic genealogy is the use of Genealogical DNA tests, i.e. DNA profiling and DNA testing in combination with traditional genealogical methods, to infer biological relationships between individuals. Genetic genealogy involves the use of genealogical DNA testing to determine the level and type of the genetic relationship between individuals. This application of genetics became to be used by family historians in the 21st century, as tests became affordable. The tests have been promoted by amateur groups, such as surname study groups, or regional genealogical groups, as well as research projects such as the Genographic Project.

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