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- Noun Plural

A group of small wormlike animals, having cilia on the ventral side. The group is regarded as an ancestral or synthetic one, related to rotifers and annelids.

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  • Rhagovelia gastrotricha

    Rhagovelia gastrotricha is a species of aquatic bug first found in Altaquer, Río Ñambí, Nariño, Colombia.

  • Astrotricha latifolia

    Astrotricha latifolia

    Astrotricha latifolia, known as the broad-leaf star hair, is a plant found in eastern Australia. A shrub usually seen around 3 metres tall. Though it can grow to 9 metres tall and be an imposing small tree in the eucalyptus understorey.

  • Astrotricha


    Astrotricha are shrubs of the family Araliaceae. There are approximately 20 species:

  • Couratari asterotricha

    Couratari asterotricha is a species of woody plant in the family Lecythidaceae. It is found only in Brazil. It is threatened by habitat loss.

  • Astrotricha linearis

    Astrotricha linearis

    Astrotricha linearis, commonly known as known as the narrow-leaf star-hair, is a plant species in the family Araliaceae. The species is endemic to south-east Australia. Plants grow to 1.5 metres high and have linear leaves that are 20 to 65 mm long and 1 to 1.5 mm wide. Flowers appear between October and December in the species native range.

  • Astrotricha floccosa

    Astrotricha floccosa

    Astrotricha floccosa, known as the flannel leaf, is a plant found in eastern Australia. An erect shrub usually seen around 2 metres tall. Though it can grow to 4 metres tall.

  • Gastrotrich


    The gastrotrichs (phylum Gastrotricha), commonly referred to as hairybacks, are a group of microscopic (0.06-3.0 mm), worm-like, pseudocoelomate animals, and are widely distributed and abundant in freshwater and marine environments. They are mostly benthic and live within the periphyton, the layer of tiny organisms and detritus that is found on the seabed and the beds of other water bodies. The majority live on and between particles of sediment or on other submerged surfaces, but a few species are terrestrial and live on land in the film of water surrounding grains of soil. Gastrotrichs are divided into two orders, the Macrodasyida which are marine (except for two species), and the Chaetonotida, some of which are marine and some freshwater. Nearly eight hundred species of gastrotrich have been described.

  • Olearia asterotricha

    Olearia asterotricha

    Olearia asterotricha, commonly known as rough daisy-bush, is a species of flowering plant in the family Asteraceae. A tall shrub with white, mauve or blue daisy like flowers growing from the Blue Mountains in New South Wales to western Victoria, Australia.

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