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- p. Adjective

Having on a garment; attired; enveloped, as with a garment.

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  • The First Garment

    The First Garment

    The First Garment (Georgian: სამოსელი პირველი, Samoseli Pirveli) is a novel by Georgian writer Guram Dochanashvili which serves as a retelling of The Parable of the Lost Son from the Bible. The plot follows a young, inexperienced, adventure-seeking man named Domenico who is deeply affected by the appearance and stories of a mysterious refugee in his village, and thus decides to take his inheritance and leave the village to go on adventuring. Over the years, Domenico meets many different people and gets caught up in the War of Canudos.

  • Reversible garment

    A reversible garment is a garment that can be worn two ways. There is no true "inside out" to a reversible garment, since either way, it gives a fashionable appearance. Garments that are commonly made reversible include hats, jackets, vests, sweaters, shirts, trousers, and skirts.

  • Riha (garment)

    Riha (garment)

    Riha is part of a three piece Assamese traditional garment worn with the Mekhela chador.

  • Great Western Garment Co.

    The Great Western Garment Company (GWG) was a Canadian denim and western wear clothing company founded in 1911 in Edmonton, Alberta by Charles A. Graham and Alexander Cameron Rutherford (the first Premier of Alberta).

  • Beca (garment)

    The beca is worn on the breast and shoulder, over the doublet. The colors of the beca and the coat of arms embroidered on it identify the university and school or faculty that the tuno belongs to. The beca is given to the tuno by his companions when they consider that he has enough experience, and is fit to represent his University Tuna and, by extension, his/her university.

  • Save the Garment Center

    Save the Garment Center

    Save the Garment Center is a campaign spearheaded by designers Nanette Lepore and Anna Sui as well as many local designers, organizations and fashion manufacturers to preserve New York City's fading Garment District. The loss of jobs and culture as a result of non-conducive zoning laws has led many in the industry to join together on a campaign to save what is left of the once-vibrant garment center. Fashion Week in September 2008 was filled with T-shirts that embodied the cause and provided contact information of city officials. Women's Wear Daily highlighted the issue during this week, and many designers and members of the Council of Fashion Designers of America lauded the effort.

  • Garment District, New York City

  • Choga (garment)

    A Choga is a long sleeved robe that is worn loosely around the bodice amongst Rajasthani men.

  • Dress (garment)

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