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- Noun

A name originally given by the Italians to a kind of serpentine, later to the rock called euphotide, and now generally used for a coarsely crystalline, igneous rock consisting of lamellar pyroxene (diallage) and labradorite, with sometimes chrysolite (olivine gabbro).

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  • Gabbro Glitz (horse)

    Gabbro Glitz is a racing horse owned by Joe Sample. She was sired by Mineshaft with Westlake as the dam.

  • Swift Current Gabbro

    The Swift Current Gabbro is a formation cropping out in Newfoundland.

  • Gabbro Hills

    The Gabbro Hills (84°42′S 173°0′W ) are a group of rugged ridges and coastal hills which border the Ross Ice Shelf between Barrett Glacier and Gough Glacier and extend south to Ropebrake Pass. They were so named by the Southern Party of the New Zealand Geological Survey Antarctic Expedition (1963–64) because of the prevalence of gabbro, a dark, plutonic rock, in the area.

  • Gabbro Crest

    Gabbro Crest is the crest, 1,750 metres (5,740 ft) high, of the mountain spur between the Sheriff Cliffs and the Vigen Cliffs on the southeastern edge of Saratoga Table, in the Forrestal Range, Antarctica. It was so named in 1979 by the Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names, at the suggestion of Arthur B. Ford, a United States Geological Survey geologist, after gabbro, the dominant rock type of the Forrestal Range.

  • Baltimore Gabbro Complex

    Baltimore Gabbro Complex is a hypersthene gabbro with subordinate amounts of olivine gabbro, norite, anorthositic gabbro, and pyroxenite. Igneous minerals and textures are well preserved in some rocks, and other rocks exhibit varying degrees of alteration and recrystallization with a new metamorphic mineral assemblage.

  • Gabbroic

  • GABBR1 (gene)

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