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- Noun

A messenger sent before to give notice of the approach of others; a harbinger; a sign foreshowing something; a prognostic; as, the forerunner of a fever.

- Noun

A piece of rag terminating the log line.

- Noun

A predecessor; an ancestor.

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    Forerunner may refer to:

  • Forerunner (stamp)

    In philately, a forerunner is a postage stamp used before a region or territory issued stamps of its own. The term also includes stamps of the political predecessors of a country. For instance stamps of the state of Western Australia are forerunners of Australia today and stamps of the British Mandate for Palestine are forerunners of modern Israel.

  • The Forerunner of Revenge

    The Forerunner of Revenge

    The Forerunner of Revenge, also published in Latin and in German as Prodromus Vindictæ, was a pamphlet accusing George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham of having caused the death of King James I of England by poison. It was written by George Eglisham, who had attended upon King James as a physician, and was first published anonymously with a Frankfurt address. It was in fact printed in Brussels by Jan van Meerbeeck. It contributed to the aura of suspicion that led to the Duke of Buckingham's murder, and was reprinted in 1642 to bring Charles I of England into discredit.

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