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- Verb

To hinder; to fend off; to avert; to prevent the approach of; to forbid or prohibit. See Forfend.

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    Heaven Forfend is a racing horse owned by Cheveley Park Stud Ltd.. She was bred by Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. and sired by Frankel with Heaven Sent as the dam.

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    Oreye is a Walloon municipality located in the Belgian province of Liège. On January 1, 2006, Oreye had a total population of 3,464. The total area is 19.64 km² which gives a population density of 176 inhabitants per km². It includes the former municipalities of Lens-sur-Geer, Grandville, Bergilers, and Otrange.

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    Voreen (volume rendering engine) is an open-source volume visualization library and development platform. Through the use of GPU -based volume rendering techniques it allows high frame rates on standard graphics hardware to support interactive volume exploration.

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    Noreen Murray

    Lady Noreen Elizabeth Murray CBE FRS FRSE (née Parker; 26 February 1935 – 12 May 2011) was an English molecular geneticist who helped pioneer recombinant DNA technology (genetic engineering) by creating a series of bacteriophage lambda vectors into which genes could be inserted and expressed in order to examine their function. During her career she was recognised internationally as a pioneer and one of Britain's most distinguished and highly respected molecular geneticists. Until her 2001 retirement she held a personal chair in molecular genetics at the University of Edinburgh. She was president of the Genetical Society, vice president of the Royal Society, and a member of the UK Science and Technology Honours Committee.

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    Kevin Noreen is an American basketball player from Minneapolis who plays as a power forward for the West Virginia Mountaineers basketball team.

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