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- Noun

A foolish act; an inconsiderate or thoughtless procedure; weak or light-minded conduct; foolery.

- Noun

The state of being foolish; want of good sense; levity, weakness, or derangement of mind.

- Noun

Scandalous crime; sin; specifically, as applied to a woman, wantonness.

- Noun

The result of a foolish action or enterprise.

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  • Folly

    In architecture, a folly is a building constructed primarily for decoration, but suggesting through its appearance some other purpose, or of such extravagant appearance that it transcends the range of garden ornaments usually associated with the class of buildings to which it belongs.

  • Folly to Be Wise

    Folly to Be Wise

    Folly to Be Wise is a 1953 British comedy film directed by Frank Launder and starring Alastair Sim, Elizabeth Allan, Roland Culver, Colin Gordon, Martita Hunt and Edward Chapman. It is based on the play It Depends What You Mean by James Bridie. The film follows the efforts of a British Army chaplain attempting to recruit entertainment acts to perform for the troops and the complications that ensue when he does. The title is taken from the line by Thomas Gray "where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise".

  • Folly Theater

    Folly Theater

    The Standard Theatre, now known as the Folly Theater and also known as the Century Theater and Shubert's Missouri, is a former vaudeville hall in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. Built in 1900, it was designed by Kansas City architect Louis S. Curtiss. The theater was associated with the adjoining Edward Hotel (known later as the Hotel Missouri), which was also designed by Curtiss; the hotel was demolished in 1965.

  • Folly (Staunton, Virginia)

    Folly (Staunton, Virginia)

    Folly is a historic plantation house located near Staunton, Augusta County, Virginia. The house was built about 1818, and is a one-story, brick structure with a long, low service wing and deck-on-hip roof in the Jeffersonian style. It has an original rear ell fronted by a Tuscan order colonnade. The front facade features a tetrastyle pedimented portico with stuccoed Tuscan columns and a simple lunette in the pediment. A similar portico is on the north side and a third portico was replaced by a wing added in 1856. The house closely resembles Edgemont near Covesville, Virginia. Also on the property are contributing original brick serpentine walls, a spring house, smokehouse and icehouse.

  • Facetious Folly Feat

    Facetious Folly Feat is the second full-length album by Shook Ones, released on 30 October 2006 by Revelation Records. The tracks "So Grown Up" and "Slaughter of the Insole" had originally appeared on the "Slaughter of the Insole " 7" and were re-recorded for this album.

  • Folly Farm

    The term Folly Farm may refer to:

  • Flounders' Folly

    Flounders' Folly is a tower, built in 1838, on Callow Hill, between Craven Arms and Ludlow, Shropshire, England. The tower is approximately 80 feet (24 m) tall and 16 feet (4.9 m) square and is clearly visible (on the skyline) from the Cardiff-Crewe railway line, just north of Craven Arms and also from the busy A49 Shrewsbury to Hereford road.

  • Wilder's Folly

    Wilder's Folly

    Wilder's Folly (also known as Pincent's Kiln, Nunhide Tower and Flint's Folly) is a folly and dovecote at Nunhide, near the village of Sulham in the English county of Berkshire.

  • Folly Castle Historic District

    Folly Castle Historic District

    Folly Castle Historic District, also known as the West Washington Street Historic District, is a national historic district located at Petersburg, Virginia. The district includes 189 contributing buildings and 1 contributing object located in a predominantly residential section of Petersburg. It includes a varied collection of late 18th-and 19th-century houses and includes notable examples of Late Victorian, Georgian, Italianate, Queen Anne, and Federal style architecture. Notable buildings include Folly Castle / Peter Jones V residence (1763, 1865-1885), McIlwaine-Friend residence (1856-1858), Rambout-Donnan residence (c. 1780-1790), former Petersburg High School (1917-1918), Donnan House (c. 1810), First Baptist Church (1928), Couch House (1850s), and St. John's Episcopal Church (1897). Located in the district and separately listed are the Second Presbyterian Church and Strawberry Hill.

  • Youthful Folly

    Youthful Folly is a 1934 British drama film directed by Miles Mander and starring Irene Vanbrugh, Jane Carr and Mary Lawson. It was a quota quickie made at Shepperton Studios for release by Columbia Pictures. It portrays the love lives of the son of daughter of an aristocratic lady.

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