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- Noun

Land held in villenage, being distributed among the folk, or people, at the pleasure of the lord of the manor, and resumed at his discretion. Not being held by any assurance in writing, it was opposed to bookland or charter land, which was held by deed.

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    Folkland may refer to:

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    The Folklands (Folklanden) is the name for the original Swedish provinces of Tiundaland, Attundaland, FjÀrdhundraland, and Roden (Roslagen ) which in the 1296 united to form the province of Uppland. They were originally united by electing a common king who administered the sacrifices at Uppsala and who was the commander of the leidang during wars. It is not known when they united for the first time, but already in 98 AD, Tacitus described the Suiones as a powerful tribe.

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