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- Noun

One of the Fodientia.

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    The forint (sign: Ft; code: HUF) is the currency of Hungary. It was formerly divided into 100

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    Fújiàn (; alternately romanized as Fukien or Hokkien Province) is a province on the southeast coast of mainland China. Fujian is bordered by Zhejiang to the north, Jiangxi to the west, Guangdong to the south, and the Taiwan Strait to the east. Its capital is Fuzhou, while its largest city by population is Xiamen, both located near the coast of the Taiwan Strait in the east of the province. The name Fujian came from the combination of Fuzhou and Jianzhou (present Nanping), a city in Fujian, during the Tang dynasty.

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    Fodina contigua is a moth in the family Erebidae first described by Wileman in 1914. It is found in Taiwan. The wingspan is 38–41 mm.

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