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- Noun

The motion or undulation of a fluid collected in a natural or artifical cavity, which is felt when it is subjected to pressure or percussion.

- Noun

A motion like that of waves; a moving in this and that direction; as, the fluctuations of the sea.

- Noun

A wavering; unsteadiness; as, fluctuations of opinion; fluctuations of prices.

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  • Fluctuation

    Price fluctuations are upward or downward swings in the prices of products in an economy. Fluctuations in prices are a common phenomenon in the economic world, particularly among producers of agricultural products.

  • The Good Guy Fluctuation

    "The Good Guy Fluctuation" is the seventh episode of the fifth season of the US sitcom The Big Bang Theory and the 94th episode of the show overall. It first aired on CBS on October 27, 2011.

  • Surface brightness fluctuation

    Surface brightness fluctuation (SBF) is a secondary distance indicator used to estimate distances to galaxies. It is useful to 100 Mpc (parsec ). The method measures the variance in a galaxy's light distribution arising from fluctuations in the numbers of and luminosities of individual stars per resolution element.

  • Random dopant fluctuation

    Random dopant fluctuation (RDF) is a form of process variation resulting from variation in the implanted impurity concentration. In MOSFET transistors, RDF in the channel region can alter the transistor's properties, especially threshold voltage. In newer process technologies RDF has a larger effect because the total number of dopants is fewer, and the addition or deletion of a few impurity atoms can significantly alter transistor properties. RDF is a local form of process variation, meaning that two neighbouring transistors may have significantly different dopant concentrations.

  • Bond fluctuation model

    The BFM (bond fluctuation model or bond fluctuation method) is a lattice model for simulating the conformation and dynamics of polymer systems. There are two versions of the BFM used: The earlier version was first introduced by I. Carmesin and Kurt Kremer in 1988, and the later version by J. Scott Shaffer in 1994. Conversion between models is possible.

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    Fluctuation and Noise Letters

    Fluctuation and Noise Letters (FNL) is a journal published by World Scientific since 2001. It is at present the only journal solely dedicated to interdisciplinary articles on fluctuations and noise in physical, biological and technological systems, and encourages open public debate.

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    Fluctuation is a racing horse owned by J. Tredwell. She was bred by Timothy J. Rooney & Corduff Stud Ltd. and sired by Street Cry with Rise And Fall as the dam.

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