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- Noun

Tin ore scarcely perceptible in the stone; tin ore stamped very fine.

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  • Floran Douay

    Floran Douay (born February 7, 1995) is a French ice hockey player for Genève-Servette HC and the French national team.

  • Den nya nordiska floran

    Den nya nordiska floran

    Den nya nordiska floran ("The new Nordic flora") is a book of Swedish flora from 2003 by Bo Mossberg and Lennart Stenberg, with illustrations by Bo Mossberg. It contains descriptions, illustrations and distribution maps of all plants in Sweden, Denmark, Norway (including Svalbard ), Finland, Faroe Islands and Iceland, a total of more than 3,250 species. It is a sequel to the earlier book Den nordiska floran. It has been called indispensable as a reference book, but criticized for being too heavy to be a field flora. It was translated into Danish by Jon Feilberg, titled Den Nye Nordiske Flora. The book is fact-checked by Thomas Karlsson. It was also translated into Norwegian by Steinar Moen, with fact-checking by Svein Båtvik. The title of this version is Gyldendals store nordiske flora. Revidert og utvidet utgave.

  • Florantyrone


    Florantyrone (INN; also known as Fluorantyrone) is a drug used in the treatment of biliary dyskinesia. It is also known as a cholagogue and choleretic.

  • Al Verte las Flores Lloran

    Al Verte las Flores Lloran is a 1969 flamenco album by Camarón de la Isla and Paco de Lucía.

  • Lloran Las Rosas

    Lloran Las Rosas

    "Lloran Las Rosas" (English: The Roses Cry) is a ballad written by Alfredo Matheus and performed by Mexican singer-songwriter Cristian Castro. It was released by BMG U.S. Latin on November 3, 1997 as the fourth single from his fifth studio album Lo Mejor de Mí (1997). In 2012, Castro recorded a live version of "Lloran Las Rosas" as a vallenato duet with Colombian musicians Jorge Celedón and Jimmy Zimbrano. This version was included on his second live album En Primera Fila: Día 2 in 2014.

  • Sherel Floranus

    Sherel Floranus (born 23 August 1998) is a Dutch footballer who plays as a right back for Eredivisie side SC Heerenveen.

  • Mis Ojos Lloran Por Ti

    Mis Ojos Lloran Por Ti is Big Boy's third album released in 1996.

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