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- Noun

The language or dialect spoken by the Flemings; also, collectively, the people of Flanders.

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  • Flemish


    Flemish (Vlaams) also called Flemish Dutch (Vlaams-Nederlands), Belgian Dutch (Belgisch-Nederlands [ˈbɛlɣis ˈneːdərlɑnts ] ( listen )), or Southern Dutch (Zuid-Nederlands), is a Lower Franconian / Dutch dialect. It is spoken in the whole northern region of Belgium as well as French Flanders and the Dutch Zeelandic Flanders by approximately 6.5 million people. The term is used in at least five ways. These are:

  • List of members of the Flemish Parliament, 1999–2004

    List of members of the Flemish Parliament, 1999–2004

    This is a list of members of the Flemish Parliament between 1999 and 2004, following the direct elections of 1999.

  • List of members of the Flemish Parliament, 2009–14

    List of members of the Flemish Parliament, 2009–14

    This is a list of Members of the Flemish Parliament in its 12th legislative term, arranged alphabetically. The legislative term started in 2009 (after the Belgian regional elections of 2009 ) and lasted until 2014. However, it is only the fourth legislature since the Members of the Flemish Parliament were first elected.

  • ROX (Flemish TV series)

    ROX (Flemish TV series)

    ROX is a Flemish children's superhero drama, produced by Studio 100. The show revolves around three young heroes with an exceptional talent and an exceptional car, ROX. The abbreviation ROX stands for Riding on OXygen but also for the names of the three heroes (Rick, Olivia and Xavier). On Dec 9 2015 ROX made its cinema debut in the crossover film "Mega Mindy versus ROX.

  • Magritte Award for Best Flemish Film

    The Magritte Award for Best Flemish Film (French: Magritte du meilleur film flamand) is an award presented annually by the Académie André Delvaux. It is one of the Magritte Awards, which were established to recognize excellence in Belgian cinematic achievements.

  • Flemish Union of Students

    The Flemish Union of Students (Dutch: Vlaamse Vereniging van Studenten; VVS) is an organisation that represents the students of Flanders, the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium.

  • Flemish Hunting Deck

    Flemish Hunting Deck

    The Flemish Hunting Deck, also known as the Cloisters set of fifty-two playing cards and Hofjaren Jachtpakket (in Dutch), is a set of fifty-two playing cards owned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, United States. It is significant in that it is the only complete set of ordinary playing cards from the fifteenth century. Estimate ranges of manufacture are between 1470 and 1480.

  • Flemish Chapel (capilla flamenca)

  • Flemish Energy Agency

    Flemish Energy Agency (Dutch: Vlaams Energieagentschap; VEA) is a government agency of the Flemish Region under the Flemish Ministry of Environment, Nature and Energy, tasked with the preparation and execution of Flemish energy policy.

  • Flemish Bastard

    Canaqueese was a Mohawk war chief and intercultural mediator who lived in the 17th century in the Mohawk Valley, an area of central present-day New York state, United States. He was of mixed race, with a Mohawk mother and Dutch father, brought up with and identifying as Mohawk. He was an important intermediary among the French, Dutch, the Algonquian-speaking Mahican (Mohican), and the Iroquoian-speaking Mohawk peoples. This was especially so during the Beaver Wars, which arose over competition for the lucrative fur trade. He participated in numerous attempts to reach a peace agreement between the Mohawk and the French based in Quebec (or New France).

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