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- Noun

A process by which certain coral polyps, echinoderms, annelids, etc., spontaneously subdivide, each individual thus forming two or more new ones. See Strobilation.

- Noun

A cleaving, splitting, or breaking up into parts.

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  • Fission

    Fission, a splitting of something into two or more parts, may refer to:

  • Mitochondrial fission factor

    Mitochondrial fission factor

    Mitochondrial fission factor (Mff) is a protein that in humans is encoded by the MFF gene.

  • Singlet fission

    Singlet fission is a spin-allowed process, unique to molecular photophysics, whereby one singlet excited state is converted into two triplet states. The phenomenon has been observed in molecular crystals, aggregates, disordered thin films, and covalently-linked dimers, where the chromophores are oriented such that the electronic coupling between singlet and the double triplet states is large. Being spin allowed, the process can occur very rapidly (on a picosecond or femtosecond timescale) and out-compete radiative decay (that generally occurs on a nanosecond timescale) thereby producing two triplets with very high efficiency. The process is distinct from intersystem crossing, in that singlet fission does not involve a spin flip, but is mediated by two triplets coupled into an overall singlet. It has been proposed that singlet fission in organic photovoltaic devices could improve the photoconversion efficiencies.

  • Fission products (by element)

    Fission products (by element)

    On this page, a discussion of each of the main elements in the fission product mixture from the nuclear fission of an actinide such as uranium or plutonium is set out by element.

  • Fission sail

    The fission sail is a type of spacecraft propulsion proposed by Robert Forward that uses fission fragments to propel a large solar sail -like craft. It is similar in concept to the fission-fragment rocket in that the fission by-products are directly harnessed as working mass, and differs primarily in the way that the fragments are used for thrust.

  • Fission Chicken

    Fission Chicken

    Fission Chicken is a comic book and webcomic character created by John Patrick (J.P.) Morgan (1957–2010). Fission Chicken is a short-tempered superhero chicken who can fly, is extremely strong, bulletproof, and can project power bolts from his hands.

  • Melodic fission

    In music cognition, melodic fission (also known as melodic or auditory streaming, or stream segregation), is a phenomenon in which one line of pitches (an auditory stream) is heard as two or more separate melodic lines. This occurs when a phrase contains groups of pitches at two or more distinct registers or with two or more distinct timbres.

  • Shiva Space Machine: Gone Fission

  • Fission Wall

    Fission Wall (85°52′S 155°12′W ) is a granite cliff, 1,400 metres (4,600 ft) high, on the north face of Mount Griffith, Hays Mountains, in the Queen Maud Mountains of Antarctica. The feature was climbed on November 16, 1987, by a United States Antarctic Research Program – Arizona State University geological party led by Edmund Stump. The name derives from granite samples collected on the wall at 100 metres (330 ft) spacing for dating by the fission-track method.

  • Fission Product Pilot Plant

    The Fission Product Pilot Plant, building 3515 at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), was built in 1948 to extract radioactive isotopes from liquid radioactive waste. It was formerly known as the 'ruthenium -106 tank arrangement'. It is a relatively small facility; the task of extracting radioactive isotopes later took place at a number of specialised buildings nearby.

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