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- Noun

Any luminous winged insect, esp. luminous beetles of the family Lampyridae.

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  • HMS Firefly

    At least four ships of the Royal Navy have borne the name Firefly:

  • The Firefly (film)

    Firefly is a common name for a bioluminescent beetle in the family Lampyridae.

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    Firefly Distillery is a company located on Wadmalaw Island, thirty miles south of Charleston, South Carolina, that produces a line of alcoholic beverages and licenses its brand name to The Sazerac Company for Firefly branded products produced elsewhere. Some Firefly branded products sold outside of South Carolina are actually produced in Kentucky by the Sazerac Company rather than being produced by Firefly itself.

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    Firefly (computer)

    The Firefly computer is a high-performance computer cluster housed at the Holland Computing Center located inside of the Peter Kiewit Institute at the University of Nebraska Omaha.

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    Joe Glow, the Firefly is a 1941 cartoon directed by Chuck Jones.

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