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- Noun

An implacable or malicious foe; one who is diabolically wicked or cruel; an infernal being; -- applied specifically to the devil or a demon.

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  • Fiend

    Fiend may refer to:

  • The Fiend with the Electronic Brain

    The Fiend with the Electronic Brain was a 1969 low-budget science fiction film directed by Al Adamson and starring John Carradine. In 1971, this film was re-edited, with newly filmed footage added, into a very different version that was re-released to theaters as Blood of Ghastly Horror .

  • Microphone Fiend

    "Microphone Fiend" is the second single released from the hip hop duo Eric B. & Rakim's second album Follow the Leader . The song became something of a signature song for rapper Rakim, and AllMusic's Steve Huey says the song "weaves references to substance addiction throughout in explaining why Rakim can't keep away from the mic." Featuring a prominent sample of Average White Band's 1975 hit "School Boy Crush ", the song was further evidence of Eric B.'s fondness for soul samples and became one of the most quoted songs in hip hop.

  • Dope fiend

  • My Cute Fiend Sweet Princess

    My Cute Fiend Sweet Princess is Kimya Dawson's second solo album, released concurrently with Knock Knock Who? in 2003.

  • Alien Sex Fiend discography

    Alien Sex Fiend discography

    The English gothic rock band Alien Sex Fiend have released 13 studio albums, six live albums, 17 compilation albums, two extended plays, 22 singles and eight video albums. Most of their releases have been on Anagram Records, a sub-label of Cherry Red Records. The band have also released three studio albums and three singles on the 13th Moon label, founded in 1996 by band members Nik Wade (Nik Fiend) and Christine Wade (Mrs. Fiend).

  • Magnificent Fiend

    Magnificent Fiend

    Magnificent Fiend is the second album by Howlin' Rain. It was released in 2008 on the Birdman Records label.

  • Fiend of Dope Island

    Fiend of Dope Island

    Fiend of Dope Island, also released as Whiplash, was a lurid men's adventure type motion picture filmed in 1959 and released in 1961. It starred and was co-written by Bruce Bennett and was the final film directed by Nate Watt. It was filmed in Puerto Rico where producer J. Harold Odell had previously filmed his Machete (1958) and Counterplot (1959). Several scenes were censored for the United States release. The film co-stars Tania Velia billed as the "Yugoslavian Bombshell" who had appeared in the July 1959 Playboy and Puerto Rican actor Miguel Ángel Álvarez.

  • The Best of Fiend: Mr. Whomp Whomp

    The Best Of Fiend: Mr. Whomp Whomp is a compilation of Fiend's best tracks, and his 8th album, released in 2007.

  • Fiend (film)

    Fiend (film)

    Fiend is a 1980 American B movie science fiction horror film directed and written by low-budget filmmaker Don Dohler, shot in Perry Hall, Maryland and starring Don Leifert, Elaine White, Richard Nelson, and George Stover. The film had U.S. theatrical release in September 1980.

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