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- Noun Plural

A group of mammals which formerly included the Carnivora, Insectivora, Marsupialia, and lemurs, but is now often restricted to the Carnivora.

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  • Ferae


    The Ferae [ˈfɛrae̯] are a clade of mammals, consisting of the orders Carnivora (over 260 species, around the globe) and Pholidota (eight species of pangolins in tropical Africa and Asia ). Pangolins do not exhibit morphological traits typically associated with carnivorans (wolves, cats, seals, and so on), and were thought to be the closest relatives of Xenarthra (armadillos and sloths), but DNA research conducted in the 2000s found the close relationship to carnivorans. Several extinct orders, relatives of the Pholidota, such as Creodonts, are members of Ferae as well. An alternate name, Ostentoria, has also been proposed for a grouping of the Carnivora and Pholidota.

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    Glyphidocera ferae is a moth in the Autostichidae family. It was described by Adamski in 2005. It is found in Costa Rica.

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    Fabienne Feraez (born 6 August 1976 in Mont-de-Marsan) is a Beninese sprinter who specializes in the 200 metres. She switched nationality from her native France on August 12, 2003.

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    Diodora serae is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Fissurellidae, the keyhole limpets and slit limpets.

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