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- Noun

A farm with the building upon it; a homestead on a farm.

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  • Homestead (buildings)

    A homestead is an isolated dwelling, especially a farmhouse, and adjacent outbuildings, typically on a large agricultural holding such as a ranch or station. In North America the word "homestead" historically referred to land claimed by a settler or squatter under the Homestead Acts (USA) or Dominion Lands Act (Canada). In Old English the term was used to mean a human settlement, and in Southern Africa the term is used for a cluster of several houses normally occupied by a single extended family.

  • Glims Farmstead Museum

    Glims Farmstead Museum is a museum located in Espoo, Finland and a branch of the Espoo City Museum

  • Dr. Joseph M. and Sarah Pound Farmstead

    The Pound Farmstead, also known as the Dr. Pound Pioneer Farmstead, is a historic farm located

  • East Harriet, Minneapolis

    East Harriet is a neighborhood in the Southwest community in Minneapolis. Its boundaries are West 36th Street to the north, Lyndale Avenue South to the east, West 46th Street to the south, and Lake Harriet, Lakewood Cemetery, and William Berry Parkway to the west. The home of Theodore Wirth, longtime architect of the Minneapolis park system, is located on the west side of this neighborhood.

  • Davis–Ercanbrack Farmstead

    The Davis–Ercanbrack Farmstead was a farmstead on the southern edge of Orem, Utah, United States

  • McGovney–Yunker Farmstead

    The McGovney–Yunker Farmstead is a historic farm in Mokena, Illinois.

  • Hefty–Blum Farmstead

    The Hefty–Blum Farmstead is located in Washington, Green County, Wisconsin.

  • O'Brien–Peuschel Farmstead

    The O'Brien–Peuschel Farmstead is located in Mequon, Wisconsin, United States. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2000.

  • Trump–Lilly Farmstead

    The Trump–Lilly Farmstead is a historic farmstead located near Hinton, in Raleigh and Summers

  • Thompson–Campbell Farmstead

    Thompson–Campbell Farmstead, also known as the Philip Austin and Susan Buckham Thompson Farmstead

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