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- Noun

A do-nothing; an idle fellow; a sluggard.

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    Roi fainéant ( French: [ʁwa fɛneɑ̃] ), literally "do-nothing king" and so presumably "lazy king", is a French term primarily used to refer to the later kings of the Merovingian dynasty after they seemed to have lost their initial energy, from the death of Dagobert I in 639 (or alternatively from the accession of Theuderic III in 673) until the deposition of Childeric III in favour of Pepin the Short in 751.

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    Perng Fai-nan

    Perng Fai-nan (Chinese: 彭淮南; pinyin: Péng Huáinán; born 2 January 1939) is Taiwanese economist. He served as the Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan) from 25 February 1998 to 26 February 2018, the longest serving governor in the bank's history. Perng held the distinction as "Best Central Banker in the world" for 14 years (2000, 2005-2017) per Global Finance.

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