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- Noun

The structure of anything; the manner in which the parts of a thing are united; workmanship; texture; make; as cloth of a beautiful fabric.

- Noun

Cloth of any kind that is woven or knit from fibers, either vegetable or animal; manufactured cloth; as, silks or other fabrics.

- Noun

Any system or structure consisting of connected parts; as, the fabric of the universe.

- Noun

Framework; structure; edifice; building.

- Verb

To frame; to build; to construct.

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  • Ninh Hiep Fabric Market

    Chợ vải Ninh Hiệp (English: Ninh Hiep Fabric Market) is a market located 20 km north from center of Hanoi, Vietnam. It was one of the first markets in Vietnam selling wool, opened in early 11th century. The market compromises more than 1,000 trading households.

  • Venecia (fabric)

    Venecia is the proprietary name for a fabric manufactured in Korea. It was introduced in about 2005 and is a blend of 92% nylon and 8% spandex. It has become popular due to more desirable characteristics such as a cooler feel to the skin and wrinkle resistant. It is a relatively thin, dense, stretchy latex with polyester or nylon fibers. In 2007 Venecia fabrics became very popular for women's dresses, tops and lingerie.

  • Drago (fabric mill)

    Drago is a wool mill founded in 1973 by Umberto and Laura Drago in Biella, Italy. Their son, Paolo Drago, is the current President and CEO. The mill produces 1,750,000 meters of fabrics per year. Drago fabrics are exported all over the world. Drago sells some fabric under its own brand, but sells mainly under other brand labels.

  • Fabric 41

    Fabric 41

    Fabric 41 is a 2008 album by Luciano. The album was released as part of the Fabric Mix Series.

  • Dotted Swiss (fabric)

    Dotted Swiss, also known as Swiss dot, is a sheer cotton fabric that is embellished with small dots.

  • Fabric (disambiguation)

    A fabric is a textile material, short for "textile fabric".

  • Fabric sound evaluation system

    The evaluation of sound from fabrics is a sound evaluation process where the noise of fabrics can be linked to emotions. This was first attempted by research conducted in 2002.

  • Crypton (fabric)

    Crypton is a name for a patented technology for the treatment of fabric to prevent it from becoming stained and to resist and inhibit the growth of bacteria. It is commonly used in the upholstery industry, and is popularly used in hotels and on cruise ships. Fabrics which are subjected to this technology become what the manufacturer describes as "Crypton Super Fabrics", and become able to resist penetration by water such that any water-based liquids which are applied to the fabric do not soak into it and do not penetrate any material underneath (such as a cushion). Crypton contains no volatile organic compounds nor formaldehyde. It was developed in 1993.

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