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Scotch most commonly refers to:

  • Scotch (adjective), a largely obsolescent adjective meaning "having to do with Scotland" Scotch, old-fashioned name for the indigenous languages of the Scottish people: Scots language ("Broad Scotch") Scottish Gaelic ("Scotch Gaelic") Ulster Scots people ("Scotch-Irish"), ethnic group of people descending from Lowland Scots who migrated to Ulster, in Ireland, and then on to the American colonies
  • Scotch whisky, a whisky made in Scotland, which outside Scotland is commonly abbreviated as "Scotch"

Scotch may also refer to:


  • Scotch Corner, a junction of the A1 road and the A66 road in North Yorkshire, England

Art, entertainment, and media

Brands and enterprises

  • Scotch, a brand name used by 3M until 1996 for recordable media, such as audio cassettes and video cassettes
  • Scotch Tape, a commercial brand name for a type of adhesive tape made by 3M

Food and drink

  • Butterscotch, a confectionery
  • Scotch ale, a type of strong ale found in Scotland and North East England
  • Scotch Beef, beef from suckler cattle in Scotland with EU Protected Geographical Status
  • Scotch broth, a soup made with mutton, barley, leeks, peas, carrots and swedes (rutabagas)
  • Scotch egg, a hard boiled egg served wrapped in sausage meat and breadcrumbs, and fried
  • Scotch pancake, a small, sweet pancake
  • Scotch pie, a small, double-crust meat pie filled with minced mutton or other meat

Materials and goods



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