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Wilderness Journeys is an adventure travel and ecotourism company.

The company

Wilderness Journeys was founded in September 2000 to provide sustainable tourism, allowing tourists to meet local people and experience their customs and culture.

Wilderness Journeys is the first UK operator to feature the new Koiyaki Wilderness Camp, which has been set up to provide revenue for the Koiyaki Guiding School.

Wilderness Journeys works on community conservation in Northern Kenya [[CITE|-1|]] to help create a network of community-managed wildlife conservancies from the eastern escarpments of the Great Rift Valley to the lower reaches of the Tana River.

In 2009, Wilderness Journeys became the first UK operator to run trips in the Serengeti in Tanzania, notable for the annual migration of wildebeest [9]


Wilderness Journeys was named a Highly Commended Tour Operator in the 2006 World Responsible Travel Awards and as the top UK’s company in the 2008 Guardian Ethical Travel Awards.

Wilderness Journeys works with the Wilderness Foundation UK, [8] a wilderness conservation organization.

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