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The WCWA World Tag Team Championship was the major tag team title in World Class Championship Wrestling. It started out as the NWA American Tag Team Championship in 1966 when the promotion was known as NWA Big Time Wrestling. Big Time Wrestling became World Class Championship Wrestling in 1981, and the title was then also referred to as the WCCW American Tag Team Championship, with the two names used interchangeably, as WCCW was a still a member of the National Wrestling Alliance. In 1986, WCCW left the NWA and became the World Class Wrestling Association, and the title was renamed the WCWA World Tag Team Championship. In late 1989, the title were renamed the USWA Tag Team Championship and the WCWA folded shortly after.[43][44][45] The title lineage continued on in the United States Wrestling Association.[46]

Title history

WCCW Tag Team Championship Tournament (1986)

The main event at Labor Day Star Wars (1986) was a tag team tournament for the vacant WCCW Tag Team Championship.[66] The title had been vacated by the promotion due to the break up of previous champions Chris Adams and Gino Hernandez earlier that year.

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