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Villa rustica (countryside villa) was the term used by the ancient Romans to denote a villa set in the open countryside, often as the hub of a large agricultural estate (latifundium). The adjective rusticum was used to distinguish it from an urban or resort villa, or villa otium built for purely leisure and luxury. The villa rustica would thus serve both as a residence of the landowner and his family (and retainers) and also as a farm management centre. It would often comprise separate buildings to accommodate farm labourers and sheds and barns for animals and crops.[1][2][3][4][5] In modern British archaeology, a villa rustica is commonly referred to simply as a "Roman villa" as most were of the rustica type.

The villa rustica's design differed depending on the architect, but usually it consisted of three parts; the urbana (main house), agricultural center and the rusticana (farm area).

List of Villae rusticae

  • Villa Rustica, Coustaty
  • Villa Rustica, Lussas-et-Nontronneau
  • Villa Rustica, Montcaret
  • Villa Rustica, Montmaurin
  • Villa Rustica, Petit-Bersac
  • Villa Rustica, Pièce de Rance


  • Villa Rustica, Baden-Baden-Haueneberstein, Roman settlement at Wohlfahrtsberg[6]
  • Villa Rustica at Bondorf, Böblingen
  • Villa rustica at Büßlingen, Konstanz
  • Villa Rustica (Brombach), Lörrach
  • Villa Rustica at Eigeltingen[7]
  • Villa Rustica at Gaggenau-Bad Rotenfels / Oberweier[8]
  • Villa urbana at Grenzach-Wyhlen (Museum Römervilla)
  • Villa rustica at Hechingen-Stein, Zollernalbkreis
  • Villa urbana at Heitersheim
  • Villa Rustica (Meßkirch), Sigmaringen
  • Villa Rustica at Hirschberg[9]
  • Villa Rustica (Inzigkofen), Sigmaringen
  • Villa Rustica at Karlsruhe-Durlach[10]
  • Villa Rustica at Langenau[11]
  • Villa Rustica (Laucherthal), Sigmaringen
  • Villa Rustica (Lauffen), Heilbronn
  • Villa Rustica at Mühlacker[12]
  • Villa Rustica at Nagold[13][14]
  • Villa Rustica (Nürtingen)
  • Villa Rustica at Oberndorf-Bochingen[15][16]
  • Villa Rustica (Rommelshausen), Rems-Murr-Kreis
  • Römerbad (Weinsberg), Heilbronn
  • Villa Rustica (Wiesenbach/Baden), Rhein-Neckar-Kreis
  • Römisches Bad (Wurmlingen), Tuttlingen
  • Villa Rustica (Zimmerhof), Heilbronn
  • Villa Rustica Bietigheim-Weilerlen at Bietigheim-Bissingen, Ludwigsburg


  • Villa Rustica (Burgweinting)
  • Villa rustica (Denning), Stadt München
  • Villa Rustica (Friedberg)
  • Villa Rustica at Großberghofen, Dachau
  • Villa Rustica (Holheim), Donau-Ries
  • Villa Rustica at Hüssingen[17]
  • Villa Rustica Kohlhunden, Ostallgäu[18]
  • Villa Rustica (Leutstetten), Stadt Starnberg
  • Villa Rustica (Möckenlohe) (Naturpark Altmühltal)[19][20]
  • Villa Rustica (Nassenfels), Eichstätt
  • Villa Rustica (Niederndorf), Freising
  • Villa Rustica (Oberndorf)
  • Villa Rustica (Oberhaunstadt), Ingolstadt
  • Villa Rustica (Peiting), Weilheim-Schongau[21][22]
  • Villa Rustica (Stadtbergen)
  • Villa Rustica (Zipfwang), Oberallgäu


  • Groß-Umstadt-Heubach, Wamboltsches Schlösschen
  • Haselburg Roman villa, Odenwald
  • Rodau, Zwingenberg, "Kleine Weide"[23]


  • Villa rustica (Blankenheim (Ahr))[24]
  • Villae Rusticae at Eschweiler, Aachen
  • Propsteier Villa, Eschweiler, Aachen
  • Villae Rusticae near Hambach surface mine, Düren
  • Villa rustica (Nettersheim-Roderath) at Sollig, Nettersheim-Roderath, Euskirchen


  • Villa rustica Weilberg, Bad Dürkheim-Ungstein]]
  • Römerhalle (Bad Kreuznach), Bad Kreuznach
  • Roman Villa of Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler
  • Villa rustica (Bollendorf), Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm
  • Villa Otrang, Fließem, Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm
  • Villa Rustica at Sarresdorf (Gerolstein)[25]
  • Villa Rustica (Kempten bei Bingen), Mainz-Bingen
  • Villa Rustica at Herschweiler-Pettersheim, Kusel[26]
  • Roman estate at Lösnich
  • Villa Urbana in Longuich
  • Villa Rustica (Mehring) (Mosel), Trier-Saarburg
  • Villa rustica (Wachenheim)
  • Villa Rustica (Weiler bei Bingen), Mainz-Bingen
  • Villa rustica (Wasserliesch), Trier-Saarburg



  • Villa Rustica (Bellikon)
  • Villa Rustica (Oberentfelden)
  • Villa Rustica (Oberlunkhofen)
  • Villa rustica (Zofingen)


  • Villa Rustica (Bennwil)
  • Villa Rustica (Munzach)


  • Villa Rustica (Bernex)


  • Villa Rustica (Vicques JU)


  • Villa rustica (Biberist-Spitalhof)
  • Villa rustica (Breitholz)


  • Villa romaine du Prieuré


  • Irgenhausen Castrum (built on the remains of a former villa rustica)
  • Villa in Wetzikon - Kempten[28]
  • Villa Rustica (Buchs)
  • Villa Rustica (Kloten)
  • Villa Rustica (Oberweningen)
  • Villa Rustica (Seeb)
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