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Thomas L. Habeeb (born April 22, 1958), also known as Tommy Habeeb and Tommy Grand, is an American television host best known for hosting the reality TV show Cheaters. He hosts uncensored pay-per-view specials of Cheaters on Events iN Demand. He is host and executive producer of reality show STAG, which airs on Events iN Demand.


Habeeb worked on films and television shows before rising to stardom on Cheaters, which made its debut in 2000.

Habeeb produced the first 33 episodes and hosted the first 42 episodes of Cheaters. In addition, Habeeb produced the television broadcast for a number of live sports programs: Art of War Undisputed Arena Fighting Championship[1] for HDNET and Champs Boxing[2] for Telfutura. Habeeb also produced An Eye for an Eye and the series The Big Big Show, which starred Andrew Dice Clay, Tara Reid, and Tom Green.[3]


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