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German director Timo Rose (l) on the set of his film <i>The Legend of Moonlight Mountain</i>
German director Timo Rose (l) on the set of his film The Legend of Moonlight Mountain

Timo Rose (born February 22, 1977 in Rellingen, West Germany) is a German horror and science fiction filmmaker, rapper, and founder of the production company Sword of Independence Filmworks (later Germaica/Rosecalypse Films and Records).


Filmmaker Timo Rose is best known for his Mutation trilogy, which involves a toxic chemical created by Nazis and rediscovered in modern times. The second and third chapters in this film trilogy were re-edited in 2006 into an FX-heavy "special edition" entitled Mutation: Annihilation.

A large majority of his earlier FX work was done by German director/effects technician and close friend Olaf Ittenbach, although Rose currently does most of his own under his "Rosecalypse SFX" banner.

Substantially younger than many of his contemporaries, Rose bases much of his filmmaking on the brutality of early Andreas Schnaas and Olaf Ittenbach features. In the decade since he began creating films, he has directed more features than any other filmmakers in the German movie scene.

German/English-language films

Since his 2004 film Lord of the Undead, starring Debbie Rochon, Rose has made it a point to film at least a portion of each of his films in English. Many of his more recent films, such as Barricade, Fearmakers, and Beast, have been shot primarily in English, with minimal German interspersed throughout.


Rose's films are heavily influenced by modern, hyperkinetic action movies and video games. Some films even go so far as recreating scenes and character profiles from popular horror-themed video games (such as "Goldman" in the Mutation films, who is directly lifted from the Sega shooter House of the Dead 2). His penchant for practical gore effects are extremely reminiscent of the early works of German contemporaries Andreas Schnaas and Olaf Ittenbach.


Timo Rose has released several rap CDs under the stage name King Hannibal and takes part in numerous live performances throughout Germany. His albums, which mix traditional rap with metal have all been successful in Germany's upstart hip-hop industry. His latest music project, King and Prinzessa,[1] was with Magdalena Kalley, his then-girlfriend who had also appeared in several of his films.

Filmography (as director)

  • Mutation (1999)
  • Midnight's Calling (2000)
  • Mutation 2 – Generation Dead (2001)
  • Mutation III: Century of the Dead (2002)
  • Rigor Mortis – The Final Colours (2003)
  • Space Wolf (2003)
  • Lord of the Undead (2004)
  • The Legend of Moonlight Mountain (2005)
  • Mutation: Annihilation (2006)
  • Barricade (2007)
  • Fearmakers (2008)
  • Beast (2008)
  • Game Over (2009)
  • Unrated (2009) – Co-directed with Andreas Schnaas
  • Karl the Butcher vs Axe (2009) – Co-directed with Andreas Schnaas
  • Unrated 2 – Scary as hell (2011) – Co-directed with Andreas Schnaas
  • MemorieZ' (2013)
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