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The Quickening (Kathryn Williams album)
The Quickening (Kathryn Williams album)

The Quickening is the eighth album by Kathryn Williams and her first on the One Little Indian record label. The album was released on 22 February 2010.[1]

Critical reception

The MusicOMH reviewer observed "still the same intricately constructed folk pop songs and unabashedly honest lyrics"[4] with the BBC's Jude Rogers regarding Williams as "A soft soul with hard edges who reminds us that quietness can resound so loudly.[5]

Track listing


  • Kathryn Williams – vocals, guitar & backing vocals
  • Leo Abrahams – guitar, electric guitar, loops, hurdy gurdy, bandura & mellotron
  • Kate St John – accordion, piano, hurdy gurdy & backing vocals
  • Anthony Kerr – vibraphone & marimba
  • Simon Edwards – electric bass, stand up bass, marimbula, bass harmonica & backing vocals
  • Martyn Barker – drums & backing vocals
  • Neil MacColl – guitar, banjo, mandolin & backing vocals
  • Marry Waterson – backing vocals
  • David Wrench – talking
  • Emma Latham – backing vocals

Recording details

  • All songs written by Kathryn Williams except: Track 1 & 8 Kathryn Williams & David Scott Track 10 Kathryn Williams & Nev Clay Track 11 Kathryn Williams, Nev Clay & Simon Edwards
  • Produced by Kate St John & Kathryn Williams
  • Artwork by Neil De Flohic & Thomas Kerr
  • Mixed by Kathryn Williams & David Wrench
  • Recorded At Bryn Derwen Studios
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