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The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle is a children's book series that focuses on the strange adventures of 6th grader Wally McDoogle. Every book is titled "My Life as" and then the subject of the book. The series is by writer Bill Myers, the creator of the books and television series McGee & Me. All of the books are mixed with Christianity and comedy.


The series is about a seventh grade thirteen-year-old named Wally McDoogle who is a bit of a klutz. Wally is intelligent, yet uncoordinated. He likes to write hero stories about crazy superheroes such as "Floss Man" or "Bumble Boy". Wally has two teenaged twin brothers, Burt and Brock, and a younger sister, Carrie. The McDoogle family also has a cat named Collision. Wally's best friends are Opera and Wall Street. Opera is a boy, loves potato chips, and can't live without opera, hence the name. Wall Street is a girl who aims to make her first million by the time she turns 14, and is close to succeeding. Wally does many crazy things such as become a secret agent in My Life as a Screaming Skydiver, become the sewage director for his hometown in My Life as Polluted Pond Scum, scuba dive in My Life as a Torpedo Test Target, dance as the Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker in My Life as a Blundering Ballerina, travel through time in My Life as a Toasted Time Traveler, and stars in two movies in My Life as Alien Monster Bait and My Life as a Bigfoot Breathmint.


Wally McDoogle is a nerdy boy from Middleton who is the protagonist of the series. He goes through misadventures with his best friends Opera and Wall Street. He is part of a family of six, consisting of Mom, Dad, Carrie (his sister), Brock and Burt (his twin brothers). He is a 6th grader at Olympic Heights Middle School, where he is considered a "dork-oid" by most of his peers.

Throughout the book series, it is commonly expressed that he wants to be an author. For each book of the series, Wally writes a super hero story on his laptop computer, Ol' Betsy, such as SuperSlob, B.B Boy, and Mutant Man.[1]

Wally's friends

Wally has two best friends, who are also "Dork-oids". Their names are Wall Street, a girl who plans to make her 1st million by the age of 14 (in some books 15), and Opera, a boy who loves classical music and is often called the "Human Eating-Machine".

The Books' Titles

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