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The Fish Child (Spanish: El niño pez) is a 2009 Argentine drama film directed by Lucía Puenzo. The film is a loose adaptation of Puenzo's first novel of the same name.[1] The film premiered in the Panorama section at the 59th Berlin International Film Festival.[2]


Lala (Inés Efron) a girl from a well-off Argentinian family is in love with Ailin (Mariela Vitale) who has worked as a maid for her family since she was 13. The two lovers are desperate to be together and hatch a plan to run away to Ailin's hometown in Paraguay, however to finance the move they commit crimes towards the family of Lala. As the movie continues, showing scenes in non-chronological order, mysteries of Ailin's past life, including her connection to a storytale named the Fish Child, are revealed. The two lovers find themselves in the face of crime, and against odds and hardships on their journey of escape into embracing their true love.


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