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The Chemical Wedding (Danielle Dax album)
The Chemical Wedding (Danielle Dax album)

The Chemical Wedding is an album by Danielle Dax, an English experimental musician, formerly of The Lemon Kittens.

Track listing

Music by: Danielle Dax / David Knight [3] Words by: Danielle Dax Arranged by: Dax / Knight

  • Danielle Dax - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar, Saxophone, Percussion, cover artwork
  • Karl Blake - Guitar
  • Pete Farrugia - Guitar
  • David Knight - Guitar, Percussion, Keyboards, Tape
  • Trevor Reidy - Drums
  • Chad Strentz - Harmonica
  • Ian Sturgess - Bass Guitar

  • Iain O'Higgins - recording and mixing Engineer who worked at Alaska Studios, London
  • Jessica Corcoran - producer and sound Engineer who worker at Greenhouse Studio, London
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