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Historical Santa Cruz Parish
Historical Santa Cruz Parish

Tanza, officially the Municipality of Tanza (Tagalog: Bayan ng Tanza), is a 1st class highly urbanized municipality in the province of Cavite, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 226,188 people.[3]

It has a land area of 78.24 square kilometres (30.21 sq mi).

Tanza was awarded the "Seal of Good Housekeeping" in 2011 and 2012 and "Seal of Good Local Governance" in 2016 by the Department of Interior and Local Government. The municipality was named 2014 most competitive in economic dynamism by National Competitiveness Council, 8th most populous municipality (2015 NSO Census) and 15th largest Municipality Revenue Earner based on 2016 Bureau of Local Government Finance Financial Report.

Tanza is the home of Cavite Gateway Terminal, the first roll-on, roll-off barge terminal in the Philippines.


Tanza at Cavite along with Ermita at Manila in addition to Ternate which is also found in Cavite were the settlements where 200 families of mixed Mexican-Filipino-Spanish and Papuan-Indonesian-Portuguese descent who had ruled over a Christianized Sultanate of Ternate and included their Sultan who converted, were relocated to.[4] Originally a part of San Francisco de Malabon called Estancia, Santa Cruz de Malabon became a separate town in 1770, and then again as an independent municipality in 1910. The name was changed to Tanza by virtue of Act No. 2390 by Cavite Representative Florentino Joya (1912-1916).

Tanza is the place where Emilio Aguinaldo took oath as the first president of the revolutionary government of the Philippines. It is also the hometown of Felipe G. Calderon, the man who drafted the first Philippine constitution.

Tanza is the second Local Government Unit in the province which banned the use of plastic bags and polystyrene. This ordinance took effect on January 1, 2012.


The following are the elected officials of the town elected last May 13, 2019 which serves until 2022:


The current mayor of Tanza is Yuri Alarca Pacumio. Tanza is politically subdivided into 41 barangays. [2]

  • Amaya 1
  • Amaya 2
  • Amaya 3
  • Amaya 4
  • Amaya 5
  • Amaya 6
  • Amaya 7
  • Bagtas
  • Biga
  • Biwas
  • Bucal
  • Bunga
  • Calibuyo
  • Capipisa
  • Daang Amaya 1
  • Daang Amaya 2
  • Daang Amaya 3
  • Halayhay
  • Julugan 1
  • Julugan 2
  • Julugan 3
  • Julugan 4
  • Julugan 5
  • Julugan 6
  • Julugan 7
  • Julugan 8
  • Lambingan
  • Mulawin
  • Paradahan 1
  • Paradahan 2
  • Poblacion 1
  • Poblacion 2
  • Poblacion 3
  • Poblacion 4
  • Punta 1
  • Punta 2
  • Sahud Ulan
  • Sanja Mayor
  • Santol
  • Tanauan
  • Tres Cruses


In the 2015 census, the population of Tanza, Cavite, was 226,188 people,[3] with a density of 2,400 inhabitants per square kilometre or 6,200 inhabitants per square mile.

The majority of the people of Tanza are Roman Catholics, but there has been fast growth of other denominations in the region, including Iglesia Ni Cristo, Protestant, Baptist, 7th Day Adventist, Jehovah's Witnesses, Ang Dating Daan and Mormon,Islam



  • 2009: Php212,579,603.00
  • 2010: Php218,498,618.00
  • 2011: Php256,163,447.00
  • 2012: Php259,927,915.00
  • 2013: Php307,370,004.00
  • 2014: Php369,906,390.54
  • 2015: Php386,511,600.00
  • 2016: Php445,060,000.00


There are 32 government-owned daycare centers in Tanza, which is being managed by the MSWD.

  • Alonzo's Learning Center
  • Amaya Elementary School
  • Apostle's Creed learning school ( ACLS )
  • Bagtas Elementary School
  • Bienvenido R. Fojas Memorial Elementary School
  • Bea-Therese School
  • Bunga Elementary School
  • Capipisa Elementary School
  • Carissa Grace Mission School
  • Carissa Homes PS
  • Dawn Kiddie School of Cavite
  • De Roman Montessori School (DRMS)
  • Dei Gratia School, Inc. (DGSI)
  • Del Carmen School
  • Deo Roma College of Tanza
  • Don Crispin Yumol Elementary School (Punta Elementary Elementary School)
  • Dona Perpetua A. Yumol (Bagtas PS)
  • Felipe G. Calderon Elementary School (Tanza Elementary School/Central)
  • Florentino Joya Elementary School
  • Francisco Lopez Mariano Academy
  • G. Fabillar Learning Center
  • Golden Heart Pre-school
  • Good Tree International School (GTIS)
  • Gregorio B. Fojas Memorial School(Calibuyo Elementary School )
  • Halayhay Elementary School
  • Holy Nazarene Christian School
  • Holy Trinity School of Tanza
  • Inigo de Loyola Academy
  • Julugan Elementary School
  • Little Footprints to Jesus School
  • Little Minds Development Center
  • Lycee D' Tanza Inc.
  • Maddalena Starace School
  • Our Lady of the Holy Rosary School (OLHRS)
  • Paradahan Elementary School
  • Pedro M. Gimenez Academe
  • Hillcrest Periwinkle Montessori School
  • Sahud Ulan PS (Halayhay Annex)
  • Saint Augustine School
  • Saint Mary of the Woods Academy
  • Saint Thomas Moore Academy
  • Sanja Mayor Elementary School
  • Santol Elementary School

(Maximino V. Pangilinan Elementary School)

  • Sawyer Integrated School
  • Sta. Cruz (Bucal) Elementary School
  • Sto. Niño de Lebelle Academy
  • Tanza Child Development Center(TCDC)
  • The International School for Children (TISC)
  • Tres Cruses Elementary School

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