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Modern Synthesis
Modern Synthesis

Modern Synthesis is the second studio album by English rock band Area 11.[4] It was released on 1 July 2016 and has an 11-song track list similar to their previous album All the Lights in the Sky. The album was written and partially recorded in Italy from between in the Spring of 2016 and then recorded in England throughout the rest of the year of 2015 into early 2016 between the band's tours.[5]

The writing process for this album was more collaborative than the band's other records, with Jonathan Kogan and Sparkles sharing much of the work, and with band members Alex Parvis and Leo Taylor contributing. This album is the band's first to be partly distributed by a non-indie label: Cooking Vinyl.

Track list

Note: As a hidden track, the previously released single, "Override [B]" is placed in the pregap of the first track Override [C]. This track is exclusive to the CD release of the album.


  • Connie McGuinness Griffiths – vocals on "Panacea and the Prelogue"
  • Megan Paschke – vocals on "Panacea and the Prelogue"
  • Owen Piper – vocals on "Panacea and the Prelogue"
  • Sparkles and Leo Taylor – engineering
  • Phil Davies – additional engineering
  • Sparkles and Phil Davies – mixing
  • Tom Woodhead – mastering
  • Daniel Houlb and Adam Davis – artwork
  • Sparkles – sleeve and booklet design; photography


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